enforcement trailer, panelized safe room kit,
   disguised prototype

  relics of the future
  stones from Athens

  how to choose the right watermelon
  relics of the future
  stones from Athens
  test flight, reconnaissance flight, moonshot

    2016, laser printing, 17,5*23,5 cm, 12 pages, edition 20
    "My Father told me how to choose a good watermelon. When you hold it in the left hand,
    you have to knock with your right forefinger against it and it has to make a sound like:"
    "I once met a guy who‘s granduncle showed him, that a good watermelon had to sound like:"
    "After eating a plenty of watermelons over years, the grandfather of my ex-girlfriend knew,
    the perfect sound for a watermelon is:"
    "A friend of a friend told me, a friend of him heard, that a watermelon has to make a:"
    "Long time ago I read in a newspaper article, good watermelons make like:"